My name is pronounced
"Ana-Leah All-Boo-Ha."

Pronouns: She/Her

I am a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Duke University working in the Duke Identity and Diversity Lab, directed by Dr. Sarah Gaither. I earned my PhD in Social Psychology at Rutgers University.


I am interested in how multiple identities (e.g., biracial, bicultural identities) are lived and perceived in a society that largely views social categories as distinct and static.


Through two lines of research, my work examines 1) the identity experiences of people who hold multiple identities, and 2) how people who hold multiple (or otherwise stigmatized) identities are perceived by others. I study these questions using a broad range of methodologies including experimental, physiological, behavioral, longitudinal, and developmental approaches, as well as secondary analysis of large data sets. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing soccer, biking, running, reading books and singing karaoke (poorly but with a lot of enthusiasm).